Our Luxury Keratin Hair Extensions are the most comfortable extensions you will ever wear! Utilizing a special protein-bonded keratin adhesive, your extensions will stay put for 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance. After that time, you can come in for a re-application. Luxury Keratin Hair Extensions are significantly healthier for your hair than other forms of hair extensions, as they do not damage your hair, and can actually promote hair growth. These are a must-have for special events, or if you're looking to grow your hair out!

Hair Extensions Consult

Schedule a complimentary consult with our hair extension specialist to determine the perfect length, color, texture and type of hair extensions. We offer everything from our fully custom Seamless Luxury Keratin Strength extensions to Hand-Tied, Beaded Weft, Nano Bead, Clip-Ins and more. All of our extensions are handmade in Italy with the finest, ethically-sourced 100% human hair, and take 2-3 weeks to order. Once your consult is complete, a price will be determined for purchase and a deposit will be required to order your custom hair extensions.

$350   .  Application

$500   .  Retape

Includes removal, wash with blowout, and reapplication.

$200   .  Removal