The beauty and history of downtown Charleston is abundant. It can be found all around. From the cobblestone streets to the still-lit gas lights. When Heart of Charleston Luxury Spa moved into the new King Street location, we just knew that it needed to be restored. Many have lived and worked here. It deserves care and respect.

What are we doing?

Repairing old plumbing and electrical.

Removing drywall to expose the original Charleston Brick.

Repairing windows, stairs, and doors. Restoring the original hardwood floors. Removing fluorescent lighting to put in chandeliers. Update equipment, decor, and amenities. Just wait till you see our newly designed couples suite. 

The team at Heart of Charleston Luxury Spa & Salon is also taking this time to add new services, continue training, learn new skills, and provide the absolute best experience for all those who walk through our doors. 


218 King Street was built in the late 1830s by German Engineers. The building has survived an earthquake, tornado, and Hurricane Hugo. Its original purpose and longest-standing business was as a brothel. Multiple businesses have followed including art galleries, a uniform shop, and retail stores. 

If these floors could talk, imagine the stories they could tell. 

The team at Heart of Charleston Luxury Spa & Salon is excited to share with all of our guests the changes being made. We hope to see you all soon!